Thursday, May 25, 2006

Damn Self-Righteous Vegans!

Well, it has been approximately two months as a Vegan, albeit a bad, cheating Vegan at that. (I have eaten a lot of fish, and have cheated a bit with the meat...And am not so good about butter already in things...)
I have lost somewhere between 5 or 10 lbs, although that is so little it could be water or the weight of my jeans...
But I had my cholesterol re-tested:
(Drumroll please...)
189. One hundred Eighty Nine!
That is a drop of 59 points in 2 months.
Freakin' amazing what a (mostly) vegan diet can do. I am amazed, and hopefully this is some much needed motivation to keep going with it.
But still fighting the shame and the urge to kick self-righteous Vegan's squarely in their thin asses. (Does that count as Cardio?)

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