Monday, April 24, 2006

Falling Off the Wagon...

And into a big bowl of whipped cholesterol:

This is the Tiramisu I made for my friend's birthday party. It holds the land-to-mouth record of lasting maybe 6 minutes from the time the plastic wrap was removed until the last scrapings of decorative chocolate were licked from the bowl.
I have always been disappointed that tiramisu never had enough chocolate: A small sprinkle of cocoa powder is nothing but a tease for a chocolate lover. So even though I often bitch about "fusion" cuisine, and nosy chefs gettin' all creative with a traditional recipe... I confess to being just such a chef. The other change was a desperate one of necessity: Couldn't find any (un-moldy) marscapone cheese in Hawaii, and alas, lacked the planning and time to make my own. (And being on a low-cholesterol diet -stop laughing- had no cream in the house with which to make cheese) so used cream cheese and whipped cream instead. Doh! And Kahlua instead of Rum. So this was very non-authentic tiramisu, but tasty and magically disappearing none-the-less.

The slippery slope actually began with my friend's delicious braised and shredded pork. It was tender, delicious, and all agreed that it was even better tasting than Kahlua Pig (gasp! No, it really was.)
Happy Birthday! Now back to our regularly scheduled boring Vegan Diet...

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