Monday, March 27, 2006

Week One as a Veggie-Bean

I have subjected myself to different eating habits over the years, but what is more intriguing than my own process of motivation, denial, and habit-forming, is the process that spectators to the diet go through. As a Chef, I have scoffed at patron's odd and unusual requests in the name of diet and "allergy". As a former dancer, I can pinpoint the exact stage of eating disorder a starlet may have reached: I even put money on Mary-Kate over Ashley way back when they were 16. Both of these reactions are that of judgmental spectator. But what I am watching right now is not my waistline, but how other people are watching my waistline. I have noticed the following stages:

1) Denial: Wherein I am told that my plan is bad and will not work. Usually accompanied by a story of personal experience or hearsay where someone in my place failed spectacularly. Often followed by unsolicited advice.
2) Temptation: Wherein my resolved is tested through sabotage in a bid to prove that the plan is bad and will fail spectacularly. Often accompanied by offers of tasty forbidden morsels and innocent comments like, "Oh... You mean Pork has Cholesterol?"
3) Competition: Wherein my immediate motivation is "borrowed" to "inspire" other's diets. While this seems like health all around for everybody, it is sometimes not so: If my motivation flags, then my task as "inspirational motivator" has failed. If their motivation flags, then healthy competitive inspiration can turn into backstabbing sabotage (see #2 above).
4) Support: Wherein family and friends offer words of encouragement, helpful recipes, or full Vegan meals cooked on Sunday night by a very talented boyfriend. (Due to above stages, this stage may be viewed with suspicion. But it feels nice and tastes great!)
5) Jealousy: Wherein I am told that I have gone too far, done to much, and should back off. Backhanded compliments are heard. (While people think my plan is extreme and my motivation serious, I have not reached a stage to inspire jealousy. I hope to make it there someday).

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collins1916 said...

You are insane. Instead of finding some harmony in "hedonistic" culinary experience, you should seek out who you are and want to be, free from the leg irons of your past. With that who knows where you will go or who you will be. The sky is your limit so you should get used to the clouds. A successful warrior goes into battle looking forwards as they run to greet their opponent, they do not look backwards. Best of luck.