Sunday, March 12, 2006

mmmm... Coffee...and Scones!

Nothing quite like 20 ounces of Kona French Press with Cream on a Sunday morning! (Yes, I allow myself cream on the weekends. Otherwise it is black black black or espresso at work for me.)
This is Greenwell Farms Private Reserve 100% Estate Kona, ground by me and pressed. Mmmmmmm...

In other cooking experiments:
Mom is attempting to re-create a Scottish Scone recipe that her grandmother always had in the cookie jar. These are not big fluffy butter-ridden scones like the wedges at Starbucks or the recipes that I used to make, but fluffy cookies studded with sultanas and painted with egg yolks. Oddly, this recipe calls for the eggwhites to be beaten to soft peak and folded into the already hefty and brown-sugar-sticky dough. Either we are doing something wrong, or yet another recipe falls victim to our altitude, but these cookies turned out too thin and crispy. However, we shall be trying again, because as far as I am concerned, nothing beats the women's history of passed down recipes!


The Light-House. said...

Good snap of the cup.

Kel said...

Thanks, Tarun! But it tasted better than it looks!