Monday, March 17, 2008

One Reason to Love March

As a former girl scout myself, I have an enduring love for the cookies. Note that I only love the ones that were available during my scouting time. Note also the lack of Tagalongs, the peanut butter ones: I like them, but they were always my sisters, while the coconut encrusted Samoas were mine (she never liked coconut).
She and I both hate February, as well. Is it coincidence that we both hate the month immediately preceding the release of girl scout cookies? I think not:
I have this theory that the little brownie bakers are drugging the cookies with, like, a time release heroin or something. All former girl scouts are hooked at a young age and thus insure a life-long customer base. February comes along and we all go into moody withdrawals until the cookies appear in March. Am I the only one who over-splurges? Hording, case-purchases, bulk-buys... not uncommon. A few years back, my usual dealer, er, innocent-little-girl-scout won a frickin' bicycle because her sales were so high. Yup: That was me. I was told that it would have been cheaper to just buy her the bike, but then I wouldn't have the cookies. Must.Have.Cookies!

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