Thursday, June 28, 2007

Turkish Coffee: Turk Khaveshi

Every time I land on the mainland I saturate myself with the types of ethnic foods that I cannot get here in Hawaii: Indian, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, authentic Italian, Peaches, Blueberries...
This time I had a (unintended, thanks United!) layover at LAX, and instead of bumming around the airport, I rented a car and drove to San Diego to see my sister. We had Persian food at Soltan Banoo, followed by these delicious Turkish Coffees.
Turkish (Greek, Arabic, Armenian, etc.) Coffee is prepared in the pictured coffee maker, an Ibrik. Finely ground roasted coffee beans are mixed with sugar and water (and sometimes Cardamom), and allowed to set on the fire until just under boiling: The boiling foam is allowed to start up the sides of the Ibrik three times. The coffee is then poured hot into the tiny cups and allowed to cool slightly, where the dregs of coffee grounds and sugar supposedly settles out.
Woe to the Western drinker who is used to draining his cup! They receive a mouthful of grounds!

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